March 2023 Newsletter

Dear TCLS Friends,
Spring has sprung! It is hard to believe our grass is greening up (also the hoods of our cars) in February! Spring also brings a whirlwind of activity at the Club. Many have noticed the projects underway in February at The Club. We are replacing 2000 linear feet of damaged cart path. You will notice that several areas, especially at the bottom of number 9 tee and the turn around area at 12 tee were not part of this project. These areas need drainage work before we pour new paths. We hope to work on those areas soon.

We have completed the “privacy fence” to Aubri Lanes kitchen entrance and have added lighting. We constructed another fence to hide the refuse disposal area near the cart barn. We are in the process of resurfacing our pool deck and adding landscaping at the pool pavilion. The projects currently underway will be completed in the very near future. We have many other exciting projects in the planning stages to include the pickle ball court expansion, the renovation of the number 13-tee box and re-sodding of weak areas on the 13th fairway. We will remove the many dead trees from the winter and grind all existing stumps.

In the Club House, Greg is managing the patching and painting of all walls as well as the installation of new flooring in the Activity Room and Administration Offices.

Madison is busy adding additional Social Events to include family game night with two new ping pong tables, Golden Tee Golf, Corn Hole, Wii sports and even Axe/Knife Throwing events. We will host a beginner pickleball clinic in March as interest in this great new sport continues to grow. Our Second Annual Masquerade Ball is this Friday, so make your last minute reservations as soon as possible.

David is offering beginner clinics, couples golf, a Callaway Fitting day and Glow Ball Golf in March. In addition, look for announcements regarding Tuesday night “Ball-Busters” golf Leagues.

We have seen exciting growth since the Pandemic and feel that we will reach our “Membership Cap” before April 1st of this year. If you have family or friends who have not yet joined The Club, please let them know there is no better time to join; each new member referred by a current member will receive a $200 Club Credit. It is our intent to cap membership at 600 family memberships, at least temporarily to make sure our current members always have an opportunity to enjoy all that the Club has to offer. After we assess our growth, we may open a small number of additional memberships to “Legacy” applicants or those related to or referred by current Members.

We are proud of the growth of our membership and the amenities we offer our members with no monthly fee increases during our first five years as The Club at Lake Sinclair. We feel the time has come for a small dues increase. All membership will be subject to a $10 monthly dues increase beginning April 1, 2023. This increase is less than a 1% annual increase compounded over five years. We hope that everyone will still find tremendous value in your membership. As promised, we will never forgo an initiation fee for new members. Beginning April 1, 2023 any new member accepted to the Club will pay an Initiation Fee of $1800.

Just as a reminder, we are asking for each of our Member’s help to prevent a tragedy. It has always been our policy to prohibit carts in the parking lot, ever since we opened as the Club at Lake Sinclair. Over time, we have become less vigilant in policing this policy; leading to several small accidents one narrowly averted tragedy. The force of a car or truck striking a golf cart can be deadly! We are in the process of constructing barriers to block carts from the parking area, but ask for your help until this project is complete.

Thank you for your support and friendship!