January Member Letter

Dear Friends at TCLS

As 2021 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to look back and remember the good times and try to put our tough times into perspective.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Madison Reynolds took over our Member Event programming and with the help of Greg Prosser and the Aubri Lanes team, we hosted many successful events for Members of all ages. We look forward to continuous improvement in the quality, value and quantity of events. Please review our 2022 Calendar of Events and tentative dates to help you plan your own family calendar. If you have any ideas for additional events, just let us know!

Unfortunately, we all experienced tough times is 2021. We struggled with illness, employment concerns and everyone was touched by the loss of friends and loved ones during the Pandemic. While we will never stop grieving, hopefully the passing of time will allow us to hurt a little less and feel the love a little more each day. We are truly fortunate to have our TCLS family to share all that life throws at us!

Thank you to the approximate 150 Member Families who joined our TCLS family in 2021. We will continue to accept like-minded Member Applicants, ever watchful to make sure our current Members can continue to enjoy all we have to offer, paying special attention to tee time availability. To that end, we will restrict non-member play on the golf course even further. Non-members will be limited to 2 introductory rounds in 2022. If they would like to play a third round, they must join as a Member.

David Franklin, our Golf Professional has also compiled a list of golfing events in 2022. Please reach out to David or myself if you would like to be involved in the planning and execution of our upcoming tournaments. We will be interviewing Assistant Golf Professional candidates over the next few months in an attempt to give David some help as our Membership and golf programming continue to grow!

We have ordered a "Range Servant" range ball dispenser and we will re-sod the practice tee with Celebration Bermuda in the spring. These additions will complement our newly constructed short game practice facility. In 2021, our range plan averaged about $17 per month and was billed on an annual basis. In 2022 we have reduced the price of our Range Program to just $10 per month. This monthly charge will be billed to all in-town Golf Members beginning with your January statement. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on my personal cell at 478-290-9700.

Thanks to all that have said prayers and sent their well wishes during the last several months. I rang the bell on Friday, December 10th, 2021 signifying the end of treatment and being deemed cancer-free. Your support was amazing. We are so blessed to get back to serving you on a full time basis!


Jeff & Kim