April Member Letter

Dear TCLS Members,

Spring has officially "sprung" with the arrival warm weather, beautiful green leaves on the trees and green pollen on the cars!

We have welcomed 33 New Member Families in the first three months of 2022. We are nearing our membership ceiling and anticipate we will cap our Member count in late spring or early summer. Please let your family, friends and coworkers who have not yet joined that "now is the time" to join and enjoy all the Club has to offer! Please join me in welcoming our newest Member Families:

  • George & Julia Luiga
  • Thomas & Kristen Owen
  • Matthew & Vicky Brabham
  • Ms. Sandra Brown
  • Phil & Lisa Nichols
  • Savannah & Byron Wellman
  • Rachel & John Jackson
  • Helen Benedict
  • Amy & Mike Hufstetler
  • Kevin & Alycen Moss
  • Carole Lufburrow & Stuart Waldron
  • Dawn & Robert Meyer
  • Gus & Corrine Smith
  • Jack Thorton
  • Cagdas & Mehtap Izgu
  • Gary Spillers
  • John & Kelli Moran
  • Randy & Debra Gilman
  • Leonard Lewis
  • Jim & Heather Blanchette
  • Spenser & Brittany Bryan
  • Terrance Campbell & Becky McCorry
  • James & Katie Painter
  • Jerry McCommon
  • Kirk & Rachel Bauer
  • Brian & Courtney Butler
  • Jay & Jennifer Glover
  • Jennifer & Steven Greer
  • Jay & Heather Mobley
  • Les & Ginger Bethune
  • Stephanie Frank Fischer
  • Julie & Kip Carter
  • Charles & Ann Dean

As we welcome new Member Families, there are bound to be minor "growing pains" as we attempt to plan for additional attendance at Member Only events as well as ala carte dining in Aubri Lanes. We ask that our Members do their best to make reservations as far in advance as possible. Much of our planning is based on historical data and while we anticipate our attendance at events will grow, we will be better able to plan if folks make reservations. If reservations are made early enough, we can adjust our operating plan to allow the maximum number of Members an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful events that Madison and the Aubri Lanes team create.

We are proud that The Club at Lake Sinclair has never experienced a dues increase during our first four years of operation and while there may come a day we need to adjust our monthly dues slightly; it won't be in 2022! We promise to continue offering our Members the best value in social and athletic recreation! Currently, we spend more than $50,000 in annual credit card fees associate with Member billing. Rather than increase dues, we have decided to enact a 3% Convenience fee for those Members who wish to pay their Club bill via Credit Card. Currently, our Members have the no cost option of dropping off or mailing a personal check or paying with cash and beginning with the June statement, we will also offer a complimentary ACH option that will directly debit your monthly Club bill from your checking account. Anyone wishing to elect for the ACH option must contact Renee Burgamy at 478-452-3525 ext. 204 or [email protected] prior to June 1, 2022 and she make the necessary arrangements with your financial institution.

Finally, I would like to again thank all our Members for your support and friendship and for allowing Kim and I to serve you and our wonderful community.


Jeff & Kim